Wednesday, August 12, 2009


OK, troops, whatever you've got left in your coffers (and I know it's a lot), we need it today!

Because Rafa's done so well with his title volumes, there's talk of cycling him sometime today--while we may have said that other moments and days are the most important in his life, cycling him off of ECMO truly takes the cake.

Spread the word, encourage your friends, we need a relatively smooth cycling! We don't know how long this process will be, but it is, like everything else with CDH, a marathon and not a sprint. Every step counts, every victory matters.

He can take bumps, our supernatural baby, but we want no more bruises.

I will try to update you as the day goes along, but we need you to dig deep, guys, all of us!


  1. No problem. We are sending our prayers and loving thoughts for a smooth cycling. We believe in Rafa and all of you. Much love.

  2. Sending good thoughts, fairy dust, and pixies.
    You can do it, Rafa. We are all behind you.
    Love forever

  3. AW YEAH! *insert bugle call*
    We are on it.
    Sending light, love, hope, and health.
    Love especially for the gorgeous star of that video.

  4. WOO-HOO!! We hit 12! Rock on!! As for cycling, we are ON IT, with an exclamation point! Can't wait to hear how it goes. Lots of love, M, J, and D

  5. I've got the Van der Eb peeps on task... we are thinking of him and praying!

  6. Not to worry, we are digging deep!! xoxo

  7. Go go cycling go! We are cheering with all our might for a smooth transition!