Thursday, August 6, 2009

Day 23-Cycling today? Probably not. My bike is in the shop.

And the roller coaster rides on.

We went from 2 to 6 back to 2 CCs overnight. Our puff still needs more rest, and is telling us as much.

While we want him to cycle off of ECMO, we ultimately want him to cycle successfully. So, like Leo and Rafa Bird, we'll wait by his side until the time is right.

In other news, he had a largely quiet night, though it looks like his peripheral IV was giving him some trouble. They'll probably need to put a new one in today at some point. He seems to big a big fan of his Sleep Sheep, and his nurses are, thus far, very happy to have an additional trick of the trade to help him settle himself down (other than drugs, obviously).

At this point, we're praying for:

1.) Rafa's incision to continue to clot and heal.
2.) His lungs to "dry out."
3.) His ECMO circuit to continue to hold up.

And eventually...
4.) His cycling off of ECMO to be successful.

Pick your goal, and focus on it!


  1. That's a lot of goals, but he's up for the task, and has a whole roster of cheerleaders who have his back. Ra Ra Rafa! We're focusing on all goals! xoxo,d

  2. Yep. We've got all goals going at once!