Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Day 29-Such numbers to wake up to!

Rafa's own breaths were garnering 4 CCs until midnight--sounds good...

After midnight, they skyrocketed up to 8 CCs-WOW!

When he was suctioned overnight to clear out his lungs, this number went up to...

Wait for it...

12 CCs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who knows if it can hold? Who knows what today will hold? All we can do is have faith in God's promises to keep our baby safe and move forward with Plan Recruit.

Look for a video to follow later today--we'll keep you posted!


  1. What wonderful news!!!!
    What a wonderful day!!!!
    What an astounding and powerful guy Rafa is.
    Go, Little Guy, Go.
    Love forever.

  2. This is excellent news!!! What a great little boy. I am in awe. And grateful. We all keep praying for more good news. Much love.

  3. Yayayayay! This is fabulous news!!!!! Go Rafa! Go Team Rafa! Go!