Sunday, August 2, 2009

Day 19-"Have to Admit, It's Getting Better..."

Just called in to check on the babe, and the latest chest X-ray (from yesterday afternoon, after we were told about the pneumothorax) shows improvement! Hopefully, this means that it's clearing up on its own! Keep thinking those thoughts and praying those prayers! It's still working!

One more chest X-ray this morning to get through--believe with us that it's all gone!

Looking forward to the Cates-Addison clan visiting us this afternoon! I had the great pleasure of teaching with Dot Cates for a year at my previous school, Friends Seminary, and my mother had the great pleasure of being her daughter Julia's nanny for a few years. We're bonded for life.

They're returning from family time in Maine and making a pit stop in Boston to see us--very excited to have visitors!

Love to you all for following, praying, and believing in the miracle of strength that is Rafa...


  1. Wonderful news! we'll keep sending our positive thoughts and prayers. Also, Tia Alma from Mexico has started a prayer chain with many of her friends. Lots of love, Tia Anabella.

  2. Great news!!!!!
    I am sending good vibes from the Star Trek convention in Jersey - there are now Vulcans on Team Rafa!
    Love forever, John