Sunday, August 16, 2009

Day 33-A Stable Night, With Some Tweaks...And Friends in the MSICU

Thank God, Rafa had an uneventful night last night. They've done some tweaking of his medications (up on this, down on that), but the good news is...his oxygenation levels stayed between 93 and 96 all night long! HOORAY!

The big plan for today is to largely keep him exactly where he is, except to remove his right chest tube (another HOORAY!) Rafa will be suctioned again at some point, but without being hand-bagged (that's the way that made him go kablooey). We're hoping that, starting Monday, the respiratory team can get back on it and solve the issue with his heart rate so that the lung recruitment phase of his recovery can continue.

And one last note: a special shout-out to Nurse Tracey, who not only kept Mommy wonderful company all day yesterday, but made a lunch run for Mommy and Daddy, as they were busy being riveted to "The Numbers."

Please pray that our stable streak last, and that our warrior boy gets the support he needs to continue to heal.


  1. You got it!
    Way to go, Rafa, SO very glad you had a stable night.
    Love forever, John

  2. So proud of Rafa and the entire Rafa team. And so grateful for a quiet night. I'm sending more prayers for a stable weekend. Lots of love.

  3. Yea stability! Glad to hear he's making progress. Keep up the good work, Rafa!

  4. We love stable nights! Here's to many more. And let's go for stable days too! =)