Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Now that surgery is behind us...

What's next, you might ask?

Well, our baby needs to heal, that's for sure. He went through quite the physical roller-coaster ride himself today, to match the emotional one the adults in his life were on.

Now, we watch his lung growth and ECMO circuit very carefully. We need him to have the necessary time to recover from his surgery, for his lungs to continue to blossom, and for his ECMO circuit to NOT decide to clot up before Rafa's ready for a run at coming off of ECMO. It will be a lot for his body to handle to juggle all three of those variables, and we've just gotten him on the other side of a hill to climb.

Please concentrate your efforts on this: a steady, speedy recovery, an ECMO circuit that continues to be relatively clot-free, and lungs that are up to the task of inhaling and exhaling breath sooner rather than later.

This is a critical and delicate balance to be maintained, one that must remain just so in order for Rafa to have a shot at an ECMO-free existence.

Thank you, friends! Thank you thank you!


  1. We'll keep focusing on a speedy recovery. More prayers and fairy dust for Rafa...

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  3. Focusing on breathing, healing, & happiness!
    I tell you, that little guy is my hero.
    Love forever, John

  4. What a triumph! He is amazing. Love you all!

  5. We are in awe and grateful. The way ahead is clear, and all of us will keep envisioning it without a bump. My mom was pulling for you guys today. With love, M, J, and D

  6. Hoping for smooth sailing and a steady uphill climb. Julia made Rafa a present today, wrapped it up and told me, "I made this present for Rafa because he is very sick, and it will make him feel much better." Everyone is pulling for that little man. xoxo