Thursday, August 13, 2009

Day 30-A safe, stable night off of the machine...

Rafa did very well in his first night off of ECMO! His blood gas levels remained good, he stayed stable in terms of his vitals, and the respiratory techs were able to go down at least one level on the high-fi ventilator. WHOOPIE!

We're calling July 13 Rafa's "second" birthday, knowing he has a new lease on life both because of, and away from, the ECMO machine.

ECMO, you did your job beautifully! Thanks for helping our baby boy fly!


  1. Happy Second Birthday little one! Many more future successes and celebrations in your future! xoxo,d

  2. Way to go, buddy! Keep on puffing and keep on growing. We are so proud of you!

    Josh, Margaret. and David

  3. Great job, Rafa!
    Love waking up to such wonderful news!
    Love forever, John

  4. Good to hear he did so well his first night off of ECMO. Congrats little Rafa!

  5. So wonderful to hear this! Keep going baby Rafa!
    You are amazing! Congrats to Rafa's mommy, daddy, and grandma and the entire Rafa Team!

  6. Happy Second Birthday! A day to celebrate for sure! And yes, thank you ECMO... and goodbye ECMO! What a major step towards recovery. We are still cheering and hoping and sending love and light. Always.

  7. Good to hear that he is doing well of EMCO! Keep fighting little guy!!

    Mommy to angel Kasey 11.16.08-12.19.08