Thursday, August 6, 2009

Day 23-Surgery complete!

Sorry to have some of you on pins and needles--my phone crapped out, as did our internet connection.

But Prince Rafa has staved back the CDH monster yet again! Dr. Jennings was able to clean out his chest (one teeny, tiny artery near his incision site was making for all of the mess), as well as take a look at his bronchoscopy results which show that his right airway is still propped open!

Rafa got three new chest tubes to replace the three he had, the swelling in his chest cavity is visibly much less, and he was placed on a new ventilator for the night, a high-frequency one to be exact.
Those of you who are still awake, please pray for a restful, bleed-free night for our little one and that his body heals itself back to status quo soon.


  1. Wonderful news! Praying and chanting for a peaceful night...

  2. Praying for rest for all of you. Healing dreams for Rafa.

  3. Oh thank heavens. sweet dreams for you all.

  4. Thank goodness!!!!
    Sending sweet dreams & healing energy your way.
    Love forever.