Sunday, August 9, 2009

Day 26-Wait and See

Rafa had a stable night (thank God!) which is very good at doing. He also continues to pee like a champ to bring his fluid balance back to zero.

Thank you to all of those who answered the call yesterday! Rafa didn't end up having a chest X-ray yesterday, but the results of this morning's X-ray are being processed as we speak. I will let you know how they look as soon as I can.



HOPE FOR lung.

Your love has kept him going thus far--if we can truly get him in the homestretch of his ECMO run and prepare him to transition to life off of the machine, his chances for making it skyrocket!

Let's help him fly...


  1. C'mon Rafa! We know you can do this. Blow those awesome lungs of yours up! You have already witnessed the love here for you. Use it to propel you to greatness!

    M, J, and D

  2. I am seeing lung, chanting for lung, & believing in lung.
    Rafa, your lungs are magical and you can do it.
    So much love, forever & ever. -John

  3. Visualizing big , healthy lungs. And, as always, sending tons of love and healing thoughts.

    Abuelita Celia lights a candle for little Rafa everyday, and abuelito Jose Antonio sends his positive thoughts all the way from El Salvador.

  4. I am also sending visions of big healthy lungs full of healing breath. Loving you all more than ever and lighting my blue candle for health.

  5. We are here. We are visualizing and praying and believing.
    Positive thoughts and prayers.

  6. Phoebe - It's Eleanore, Katie Pabarue's mom, following in Philadelphia. Wanted you to know Katie and I are praying for Rafa's development and looking forward to his healing and breathing. Go, Rafa!!

  7. Sending more prayers and loving thoughts for healthy lungs. Keep going Rafa! We know you can. Much love.

  8. We're visualizing and visualizing lungs. Big, healthy, puffed up lungs. Can't wait for them! Lots of love. Hope today went well.xoxo