Friday, August 14, 2009

Day 30/31-Baptism by Fire: Mommy and Daddy's First Night in the Hospital

So...just when we thought there was peace in the valley...

Mommy calls in to check on Rafa, and gets a really odd response from his nurse, Melissa: he's having a chest X-ray done. He never has chest X-rays done in the middle of the night.

Then Daddy calls, "His heart rate is dropping! His heart rate is dropping!"

Mommy whisks over to the hospital to find a healthy number of doctors and respiratory therapists trying to figure out why, after being suctioned, Rafa's heart rate drops every time he is put back on his ventilator. After much experimentation and a few new drugs for support, the most likely theory is that his breathing tube had gunk at the bottom of it that had accumulated over the course of the day (he'd had a mini-episode of this earlier), causing him to not be able to make the most of breathing and leading his blood to be a bit overly acidic. When this blood hit Rafa's heart, it didn't like it one bit.

After a half-hour of panic, Rafa spent the rest of the night quietly resting, while Mommy and Daddy struggled to find a comfy spot on the window seat together. Most of his doctors are chalking this up to "weird stuff happens" and are ready to move forward with his progress, with a little more tempered speed.

We're all for that. Rafa tells us when he needs, and it's our job to listen.

Thank God this issue was contained, that it was most likely not pulmonary hypertension-related, and that his doctors and nurses are vigilantly watching to keep him in a safe, healthy place.


  1. So glad he is okay. The rollercoaster rides on, but we are with you as always. Sending loving thoughts of health and happiness... always.

  2. Thank goodness he is in such good & caring hands.
    So many mountains & he climbs every one.
    Sending love, light, & chants...

  3. Sounds like you guys are getting some really great care for your sweet baby!!! Just letting you know that I'm still praying and sending positive thoughts your way!!! Chanda

  4. I am also glad to hear that he is okay. We are always here sending our prayers and loving thoughts for prompt recovery. Much love from us.

  5. Glad to hear that he is doing better, I pray they can find the issue and get it resolved!

  6. I'm glad he's doing better. Will continue to pray for a peaceful night. Love to all.