Saturday, August 8, 2009

Day 25-Team Rafa, mobilize!

OK, Team Rafa, we need you to swing into action again!

Not sure what to make of this information yet, since we haven't seen Dr. Jennings and his overnight nurse seemed fairly unconcerned, but this morning's nurse has noted that Rafa's chest tubes continue to "ooze" (blood mixed with fluid) and that it's something they're watching.

He was doing this just as much yesterday when everyone came around to see him and thought him to stable, and that was on Dr. Jennings's watch, so we're hoping that this is more a case of a nurse giving her opinion in not the most tactful way than something to really be concerned about.

But as with everything CDH-related, you just never know until you know.

PLEASE help us keep another emergency at bay! Rafa's already working hard at getting fluid off and opening up his chest cavity--we don't need him working on this as well!


  1. Baby Rafa will pull through! I'll be sending prayers your way. Chanda

  2. It sounds like Rafa is doing what he needs to, and we hope the day brings reassuring words. Love, M, J, and D

  3. We're sending healing thoughts

  4. Sending calm, healing energy to Boston... much love, D, D, J & O

  5. Light, love, health. Light, love, health.

  6. Sending calm & healing & happy vibes.
    Love forever. -J