Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Day 21-"When I look at you, I know it's gonna be..."

A lovely day!

Rafael James Carlos Escobar is officially out of surgery and healing well! Here are some highlights:

His surgery began around 8:30 this morning and wrapped up around 1:30 this afternoon, after Mommy, Daddy, and Grandma Sherrie arrived at the hospital for a 6:30 call. The wheels of medical progress grind slow--what can we say?

Rafa remained stable throughout the whole surgery, even though he had some issues with bleeding when they attempted to attach his aorta to his chest wall (all of which was resolved quickly--apparently, Mommy was a bleeder during her c-section! Perhaps it runs in the family.)

Another bronchoscopy and echo were done after the procedure was finished to be sure that 1) the right airway was going to respond to the lack of pressure (so far so good, it did), and 2) that his heart and cannulas were still in good shape (they are).

Dr. Jennings actually SAW his lung tissue on both sides, which he says is nice and pink and full of growing alveoli, the grape sacs you need in order to breathe.

And last but not least, we got to meet Dr. Jennings' sons who were visiting their dad at the hospital. What a magical moment, especially since it re-confirmed for us his commitment to our son. He's a daddy. He knows.

Saying "thank you" to the extended branches of Team Rafa, in heaven and on earth, seems almost trivial in comparison to the gratitude we feel. For the love of strangers, medical personnel (Nurse Melissa and ECMO Ken wore their Team Rafa t-shirts today!), friends, family, and everyone in between, we are most humbly thankful.

And as for our poker game in the sky, and God, the meanest dealer this side of Vegas?

We praise your names, in the name of our supernatural braveheart.


  1. Rafa is quite a fighter. He never ceases to amaze me. We continue to send thoughts of love and healing. We're also grateful for the doctors and nurses, they're simply wonderful. Go Rafa!!!

  2. Thank YOU for all the updates and for letting us be part of the team! Just wonderful to hear baby Rafa is fine!!! Yay, time to celebrate! Lots of love to Rafa, mom and daddy and grandma Sherrie.

  3. Best news!
    I am, as always, full of faith & love for our little hero.
    Love forever, John

  4. What a day! We are so thankful that Rafa did so well in surgery. We will continue to pray for him and for you as he recovers. All our best,