Friday, August 7, 2009

Day 24-Holding Our Breath

A little ironic for dealing with a baby with compromised lungs, don't you think?

We're more than a little gun shy walking into the hospital this morning, after yesterday's go-round with Rafa's second surgery in 72 hours. But according to his nurses, he had a very stable night last night (thank God!), his chest tubes are draining but have leveled off (thank God again!), and his first chest X-ray post-operation shows much less fluid in the chest cavity and that his right lung is beginning to open up again (third time's the charm).

All sounds good, right?
Well, of course it is, but if you've been following along and can pick up on patterns, we just can't ever tell.

Prince Rafa, however, stays his course, like the Steady Freddy that he is.

Ride on, my wonderful braveheart, ride on.


  1. That's great news!!!
    Tell our little guy that he is my hero.
    Still chanting & sending fairy dust.
    Love forever, John

  2. Wonderful news! Little prince Rafa continues to amaze us all! And as always, we will be here sending our loving thoughts and prayers for a prompt recovery. Much love.

  3. Totally understandable to be gun shy. So glad he had a stable night. Ride on!

  4. We're hoping and praying for another good day for the littlest member of the clan.
    You all have lots of people thinking and praying for you.
    We love you Rafaelito
    Tia Clau, Uncle Peter and your cousins Audrey and Ellie Rose