Thursday, August 13, 2009

Day 30-A beautifully boring day...

Lovely Boy spent the day cruising down on his ventilator settings (thank God!) and maintaining good blood gas levels. There's a rumor going around that he might be ready for the conventional vent as soon as tomorrow. But we're very happy to let the Rafa Man dictate the pace of things. He's already made such strides in such a short period of time, a rest break would be a wondrous idea for all concerned...

What a miraculous blessing our baby is. We're so lucky to know him.

P.S. Please pray for Rafa to start losing some fluid--he's a champion pee-er, as we well know, but he could use some help. He's now on both Lasix and Diurel to give him a boost. Here's your fluid chant:



  1. In this case, boring is wonderful! I'm so happy that Rafa is making so much progress. I'll keep praying, and chanting, and sending loving thoughts. Much love.

  2. Wonderful to hear this! Yes, it is great to see how much progress baby Rafa is making in such a short period of time! Abuelita Celia, abuelito Jose Antonio and I keep sending our prayers and loving thoughts. Keep going Rafa!

  3. Loads of love always for a little boy who continues to amaze us all.

  4. We are on it~ fluid off, fluid off...

  5. Rafa, think race horse. Pee like a race horse (when you're older I'll teach you different language for it. I like the idea of being your evil uncle).-Josh

    Keep going, you little dynamite! You rock!

    Josh, Margaret, and David

  6. Just think, "Pee as much as John...."
    That ought to do it.

    SO glad it was a mostly uneventful day. Boring can be GOOD!

    Love forever, John, his mom, Linda, & Stan too!

  7. Keep peeing!! :)
    Glad he is doing well!