Friday, August 7, 2009

Day 24-A quiet day in Boston town...

Grandma Sherrie and Mommy passed a quiet, sunny day with dear Rafa today. He still doesn't look like himself yet, thanks to all of the swelling/blood products/procedures of the last few days. But right before we left, the little rascal did his best to open his eyes to say hello! We love that stuff.

No big news other than he continues to be monitored in terms of his healing. His chest tubes are outputting but not too much, his incisions are coming along, and his chest X-rays? Well, they're coming along, slowly and hopefully surely...

Keep the prayers coming! All our love!


  1. Quiet days are lovely.
    So glad things are good.
    Sending love from Vegas (I know, it isn't me, but it is a Star Trek convention.
    Love forever, John

  2. Good to know things are coming along -slowly but surely. We'll keep praying and sending fairy dust...

  3. What a courageous little boy. All of you are doing so well in giving him and each other support. Tonight we had Miriam, Keith and their little boy Nathan here. A year ago we were looking at a map of Vietnam to see where the orphanage was and tonight we had him in our home walking all over exploring and just being delightful. Think of where you will be in a year. I look forward to all of you and Rafa visitng us some day and seeing him explore our home. Love to all of you ... sending my share of fairy dust.......