Monday, July 13, 2009

With One Day Left...

Many people have asked how we're feeling and what we're thinking at this point, being so close to July 14th. What can I say?

We're focused on his recovery.

We're packing bags, his included.

We're praying for smooth surgeries.

We're keeping our eyes on the prize, that our round, bouncing, glorious, beautiful boy will come home with us.

We're asking all the higher powers there are to show mercy on our precious one, to spare him pain, and to keep his body strong to show the fighter he is in his soul.

And we're trusting that everyone who is following this story will keep our baby in the light, as you have all along the way.

We are humble and grateful in the face of your unending love and support, from friends and strangers alike, all of whom have become part of Rafa's angel brigade.

Let the fight begin!


  1. "...Be it mountains, water, dragons, dark, or sky..."

    We love you. We're with you.

  2. Love all three of you lots and we are all there, lined up with magic and hope and faith. -John

  3. "Don't you worry about a thing because every little thing is gonna be all right." Endless love tomorrow from T, A, and L

  4. Love and Luck Phoebe Search. I only hear sporadic updates from Edie but you are absolutely in my thoughts and hopes! -Darian

  5. Sending so much love your way - you will be in our thoughts and our hearts tomorrow... xoxo, d, d, j & o

  6. We're thinking about you! See you soon!

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  8. Clearly late night posts don't agree with me ... just wanted to say that I'm sending lots of prayers up for you and your family, and lots of love and hugs your way.