Saturday, July 18, 2009

Day 4-"It's Plastic!"

So, today is my official discharge day, and there's a rainbow of feelings connected to that idea. On the one hand, it will be SO nice to sleep in our own bed, have our own TV back, see our kitties, etc. On the other hand, leaving our baby boy will be wrenching, I know, despite all of the faith and confidence we have in those we are leaving him with. I suppose I won't really know how to feel until it comes time to feel it.

In Rafa's health news, our warrior continues to soldier on triumphantly! The fluid that was drained out of his right chest cavity has done what his doctors hoped for--our boy has LUNG! And it's growing! We can also see the right side of his diaphragm moving up and down as he "breathes," one more indication that his repair surgery was successful and is healing well. Last but certainly not least, the "cold fire" monitor (yes, that's its real name) that registers lung and chest activity has noted some action in Rafa's chest. This means that his recovery from the diaphragm up is coming together.

Diaphragm + functional lung tissue + gentle ventilation = eventual BREATHING!

On a funny note, Dr. Weldon, a new character on the scene and Dr. Jennings' colleague, came by to see us today to chat about the right lung development and Rafa's overall progress. At this point, he explained to us that the diaphragm patch is, in fact, just that: a piece of plastic that will never move. In theory, we always knew that, but every time Grandma Sherrie and Mommy tried to wrap their minds around the idea that only half of his diaphragm will move up and down and that the right side will compensate for the lack of movement on the left, Dr. Weldon kept having to remind us..."it's plastic!"

The conversation went a little something like this:

Dr. Weldon: "His left diaphragm will never move. The patch's only purpose is to keep the thoracic cavity contents separate from those in the abdomen."

Grandma: "But why?"

Dr. Weldon: "It's plastic!"

Mommy: "So the right side will compensate for the left because it will never move?"

Dr. Weldon: "Yes, it's plastic!"

And so on and so forth...

Think "Who's On First?" only a little more sterile...

Tia Claudia and Anabella leave us this evening to return to New York. Daddy has been so rejuvenated by their presence, and it's been wonderful to see what dedicated, loving aunties they are turning out to be...not that we had any doubts.

Thank you SO much for the continued support! Your love and prayers are helping his lungs to heal and his body to grow. Rafa thanks you for it, and so do we.


  1. Glad you can be home. And Children's is just a short trip away. Continued love & support coming at you from Seattle!

  2. Enjoy your own bed and your own surroundings, and know your little one is in wonderful hands... You are constantly in our thoughts.

  3. What Edie & Dot said.
    Much, much love,