Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Day 15-Hurry Up and Wait

And the roller coaster rides on, with some small signs of slowing down...
Today, our little fighter spent the bulk of the afternoon having a CT scan done of his chest, this after having a rigid bronchoscopy to determine what, if anything, had accumulated in his lungs and was making them unable to inhale and exhale air.

It was discovered that the bronchi, the entrance to Rafa's two lungs, have small, underdeveloped pathways. The CT scan was ordered to determine how far down this smallness went into his lungs, and the answer to this question will decide how we proceed with Rafa's treatment.
Don't get me wrong, we are fully committed to getting our baby well, as is his team of doctors. But this could involve a second surgery for him, which is always a risk, given the fact that he's on ECMO and bleeding of any kind is always a concern. Dr. Jennings is taking charge of this diagnosis and plan, and told us that, "there's never been an airway I couldn't fix." We don't want to be the exception to the rule, that's for sure! We'll either be hearing about the CT scan results tonight from Dr. Jennings, or not until tomorrow morning. Regardless, we only want to hear it from the source himself.

If you can, please light a candle tonight for Rafa that this setback can be remedied fairly easily, and that we can resume our course toward healing our baby wonder.


  1. Candles lit. And faith & hope, as always, in full.
    If anyone can do it it is your (and our) little Rafa of the big spirit.
    Time and patience. Faith & hope.
    Love forever,

  2. As always, we're with you and Rafa.
    Unending love.

  3. We've lit candles in honor of Rafa and are focusing on his healing.

  4. We are with you and your baby wonder every minute. We love you guys very much.