Monday, July 20, 2009

Day 6-Moody Monday

This refers to Mommy, whose hormones have finally caught up with her. Two major meltdowns later, and she's pretty laid waste. Only one of these had anything to do with Rafa, who is doing just fine, by the way. We were there when he had a minor procedure done to help his chest tubes circulate more efficiently, and I just lost it. He, however, made it through easy as pie. I could definitely take some lessons in zen from our week-old son, don't you think?
Speaking of which, his one week old birthday is tomorrow! Grandma Sherrie is making cupcakes as I type, and we'll be going over there as a family to share them with all of the guardian angels, nurses and ECMO technicians alike, who have been keeping watch over our precious boy.
Keep lung chants and successful chest drains in your prayers and thoughts--more tomorrow!


  1. Ah... the hormones... I was going through that hormonal, irrational, weepy meltdown phase when my very dear friends, the Search-Escobars, were leaving NYC for Boston... I know it well... You do become a rational, functioning member of society again, I promise.

  2. Hormones can be naughty, indeed. I know it's been a tough road for you , but I know you and Juan Carlos are very brave and strong people and you will pull through.

    There will be rainbows after the storm. Sending you a big hug from New York.

  3. It's all on the road to Oz -- remember how those darn poppies made Dorothy feel? But the Emerald City gets closer by the minute.
    Sending love & hugs from (rainy, rainy) Manhattan....

  4. And this next metaphor is for Juan:
    "It's gonna be okay... I've been to Earth, I know where it is, and I'm gonna take us there."
    It took a while, it was a winding road, but Kara did it & they made it.

  5. Happy one week birthday celebration little one!
    You are very lucky to have two amazing parents!
    hmm, you are not the only one, Phoebe, who could take some zen lessons from baby Rafa...I sure will be bringing my yoga bolster next time :)
    Sending lots of love...

  6. Poop on hormones. They can be truly exhausting. Take care of mama! And Happy One Week Rafa!!!

  7. Big hugs all around, esp, for hormonal mama. Happy 1-week birthday, Rafa! You're a star!!