Friday, July 31, 2009

Day 17-Going Into Battle

It occurred to me that I left out a very important piece of information in yesterday's post: Rafa's surgery is scheduled for next Tuesday, his three-week birthday.

And if I may trouble you for one last favor--if you haven't already, please tell everyone you know about Rafa's tale and ask them to dig deep and raise him up. If prayers aren't their thing, that's OK. We'll take any kind of concentrated goodness people can muster. Even if they just chant Rafa's own prayer:

"I may be small, but I am strong. Everyone is cheering for me."

So many thank-yous...more later.


  1. I'll continue passing the word. And asking those who hear to pass it along again. If you added everyone up, bet we number well into the 100s by now.
    Team Rafa can't be stopped.
    Love you forever.

  2. John does indeed have it right. We have people in Alabama praying. With love, prayer, and your strength, Rafa has a huge team all on his side. We love him and you and hold you in our hearts every minute of the day. Tuesday we will all focus our positive energy toward Boston Children's. We will help to guide the doctor's hands.
    Hang in there, Team Rafa!
    Love, Barbara

  3. We are certainly chanting, lifting, praying, wishing, and hoping. And loving.

  4. i am learning a new mantra, a healing one. i'll have it in my thoughts this weekend. mysterious powers.

    love you both and certainly your new little one. he will fight!