Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Just Holding Pat

Tomorrow is the BIG day--36 weeks! Rafa has done such a good job of staying where he is, and we're so proud of him! We're also thinking that he's quite comfy in his current real estate, and that's just fine with us.
Still no delivery news, but hoping it will come today...
We won't be seeing Big Ouiser on Wednesday as usual since she's out of town. But we will be seeing her colleague, Dr. Economy (yes, that's her name) on Thursday for the usual NST and consult round.
The sun has left us again, but for only a brief stint. Let's hope it returns soon! It was so nice to have it around.


  1. >>Dr. Economy (yes, that's her name)<<

    I had a substitute teacher once called "Mrs. Laundry" and a friend of mine went to a surgeon called "Dr. Bohn" so ya know....

    The Emerald City thinks of you often.
    love, John

  2. What a good little boy you have - listening to you already. Tomorrow night Larry and I leave for a trip to Seattle, returning the 20th, so please give your mother my cell number and tell her to call me ASAP after the BIG moment!! Number is: 607-743-0529. Best of health to all of you. Love, Mary Ann