Sunday, July 26, 2009

Pictures in the MSICU

Pretty impressive set-up, no? Note the decor, including the stuffed animals

The drawing/sign in the middle was on Rafa's cart when he arrived--so sweet!

Mommy does love her baby boy!

These are the kinds of numbers we spend our quality time with--here's a cheat sheet:
Green = heart rate (we want numbers anywhere between 125-150)
Yellow = oxygen levels (95-100 is good)
Red = blood pressure (45-50 is an acceptable range)
White = skin sensor picking up respiration. Here's where things get complicated. The
amount of breaths that this number registers may or may not be breaths in the traditional
sense, as in initiated by Rafa as inhalations. They could be hiccups, twitches, turns, or chest
movements that aren't deep enough to be considered breathing.


  1. Still focused on my 10-12 mantra. =) Hope you and Juan have a peaceful break this evening and that Rafa continues his stable & steady course.

  2. He's beautiful, my friend. And so are you.
    10 - 12, here we come!

  3. I love the pictures and recognize the picture of Grandma Sherrie as a nudie! Thank you for explaining the numbers, keep showing those monitors. What a head of hair! And - what a smile on your face! It sounds like he is doing so well and someday you will sit with him and show all this to him - what a thrill that will be. Love to all of you.

  4. Love the pictures. I so want to be there with Rafa and all of you guys. I hope that will happen soon... Sending loving thoughts.

  5. Pooh on sourpuss nurse. How's my boyfriend, Ken, the ECMO technician, doing? So glad Rafa continues to be strong and stable! Pictures of us for the Team Rafa display are in the mail. xoxo

  6. you look so beautiful, and happy, and strong. keep it up