Saturday, July 25, 2009

Day 11-Today's the day

Called to check in this morning to find out that yes, they will be changing Rafa's ECMO circuit this morning. Here's how to direct your prayers and happy thoughts: that the procedure will go well (it should given the fact that it's considered routine, but it's always good to hedge your bets), that his body will acclimate successfully to the new circuit without too many setbacks, and that we will continue to see progress for our brave soul. The circuit change should be happening at 11:00 this morning--please keep him in the light!

I will send an update to let you know how things go...


  1. Sending good vibes, fairy dust, & colonial locator signals.
    Love from John & his mom Theresa too!

  2. Thinking about you, as always.

  3. Just saw today's post. I guess this is happening right now, as I type. Sending lots of love and good thoughts from Maine!!