Friday, July 3, 2009


Who is Ruby, you might be asking?

Well, she's a lovely little baby girl who is also fighting CDH. She was born in April and her family followed much of the same path toward delivery and recovery that we're facing. At any rate, I've been following her blog ( for a couple of months, and the miraculous moment has finally arrived for Ruby Hope and her mommy and daddy: she's finally breathing unassisted! That's right! After 26 days on ECMO and about three months in the NICU, she's ready to fly. I am so thrilled for the Starlings! Hopefully, she'll be coming home in the next few weeks...

This bit of good news gives us great hope.


  1. That is wonderful news! It gives us so much hope.

  2. I just read a bunch of Ruby's blog. A tough read for sure, but I feel like I learned a ton. Thanks for the link and yay Ruby!

  3. Thanks for sharing. Ruby's story is amazing. It is so great to read about her journey and that she is now breathing unassisted!