Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wondrous Wednesday

What a day! Overall, a great success--here's the blow-by-blow:

Limited ultrasound-got some great pics, baby boy is estimated to be about 5 pounds, and everything looks as it should.

MRI-the wonders of Ativan and "Freaky Friday" cannot be overstated! I was actually surprised when it was over! Turns out the results were not significantly different from the one we had a few weeks ago, so a meeting with Dr. Jennings ended up being unnecessary (but this was after hanging out in a conference room napping in a recliner for a couple of hours). And the best part: NO MORE MRIs!

Nonstress test-there's a reason it's called "nonstress"! No contractions, baby's heart rate and oxygen exchange are super, and we're having another one next Wednesday.

Consult with Big Ouiser-NO MORE CERVICAL CHECKS! HOORAY! Just a chat about how I've been feeling, making it to 36 weeks and what "the plan" will be for the following three weeks (still don't know what that is yet, but hopefully will by that landmark), and we were finally on our way.

Once Daddy gets it uploaded, we have a gorgeous 3D picture of Mr. Rafa to share--hopefully, it will be up before bedtime tonight!

Have a drink on us!


  1. We had a drink and A LOT of dessert in celebration for you guys tonight!! Roll us back to our hotel...xoxo

  2. This is just wonderful news! Cheers!!! can't wait for the pictures either!