Saturday, June 20, 2009

Visitors and Put-Together Furniture

We'll have lunch company today, which is very exciting! A good friend from way back, Justin, and his girlfriend, Casey, will be coming by for pizza and conversation, and I'm happy to have new people to look forward to.

Rafa and I have begun a new morning and evening ritual, which involves talking about how important it is for him to stay put for four more weeks and encouraging his liver to move down and his lungs to grow. I think he gets it. Or at least, I'd like to think so...

And last but not least, Juan/Daddy put together some new pieces of baby furniture! We now have a co-sleeper, a crib, and a set of shelves! How fun! It's gone very far to give me some small bits of joy. Every shred of normal counts. We've ordered art and some bedding that should be arriving soon to help add some color to Rafa's nook.

Where did the sunshine go? Literally, not figuratively speaking.

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