Monday, June 15, 2009

A Lovely Visitor

My very good friend from back home, Kristen, was in town this weekend visiting us, lending support, brawn, and good humor. It was the first time since moving here that I felt I could fully concentrate on someone/something else and forget what we're going through for a little while. Not a bad thing...

She taught me how to knit, helped Mom and Juan to move furniture around, and even spilled water with me in solidarity at brunch yesterday (lots of clutziness on my part these days)! Go Auntie Kristen!

Kristen has always been a quiet, introspective, wise presence in my life, and her unending kindness and good spirits were a welcome breath of fresh air. She's welcome back any time...

P.S. Stay tuned to this entry later today, as there will be belly and family shots galore!

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