Friday, June 26, 2009

"Let the sunshine in!"

Going to give sitting outdoors and reading for a little while a shot, since it appears that we may have more than a half-hour's worth of sun today. The perpetual deluge that has been the last three weeks in Roslindale has almost drowned us, so it is nice to think that there is/might be a break in the action long enough to enjoy it.

Juan got out for a bike ride yesterday, Moms got the car fixed (and made some new friends, as she is want to do), and me? Well, I watched the "Real Housewives." Everyone's got their claim to fame.

Baby news: we need to get to 36 weeks, folks. That's July 8th, if you want to put it on your calendars. Whatever voodoo you can do is much appreciated. What's hopeful about this is that it appears as though our doctors at both Brigham and Children's aren't really considering a plan before then, which says to me that they think we can make it that far. HOORAY!


  1. Enjoy your rays! July 8th is close!

  2. A week & a half -- we'll make it!!!!!!
    It's coming (& so am I on Sunday)
    luv ya!

  3. I'll start gathering my magical herbs for my spells :) Thanks for all the updates- I'm so happy to hear about all the good news :)