Thursday, June 18, 2009


While none of these are set in stone in their current form, here are the four options that the Fetal Review Board will be choosing amongst in coming up with our delivery plan:

EXIT to ECMO (requires c-section and delivery at Children's Hospital Boston)
Delivery with ECMO in the room (requires c-section and delivery at CHB)
Delivery at Brigham and Women's Hospital with transport to CHB to be connected to ECMO
Delivery at BWH with comfort care

To paraphrase Meatloaf, three out of four ain't bad. However, Number Four is in no way a choice. I think it's fancy for, "He's born, we hold him and snuggle him, then we let him go..."

Have they met us????

I seriously doubt that that's even on the table, but it will be very important to know where we stand going into this.

I've been told our surgeon is a cowboy. Well, if that's the case, he'd better be ready to ride hard and go home late, because that's the only plan we're interested in.


  1. Is there a time line for this decision? I'm assuming you get some input... I certainly hope so! And ride on cowboys, ride on.

  2. We're pulling for Rafael - we attend the CDH clinic at Children's and you're all in the best hands in the world. Ride on...

  3. You are so your mother's daughter!!