Thursday, June 18, 2009

"The nearest EXIT may be located behind you..."

We got confirmation today that EXIT surgery (a.k.a. c-section) is being discussed in our case. This is probably only a short jaunt to EXIT-to-ECMO, which involves the baby being delivered via c-section, placed on a breathing tube, and then, immediately attached to an ECMO machine. For those of you who don't know, an ECMO machine buys a baby's lungs and heart time to grow and develop before they're asked to work on their own. As scary and severe as this may sound (and it is), it's actually a plus that they're even considering this procedure for Rafa, as it's not a guarantee they even offer this option if they feel the case is too dire.

Unfortunately, no one can give us any clear answers yet since our case is still up for discussion at the Fetal Review Board. Hard core stuff!

Appointment updates:
Next Monday=fetal ECHO (was normal last time, heart was just a bit squished, let's hope that's still the case)

Next Wednesday=limited ultrasound at AFCC at 7:45 AM (eek!)
MRI at 9:30
Nonstress test at Brigham at 2:30
Consult with Dr. Wilkins-Haug at 3:20
Meeting with Dr. Jennings to discuss final delivery plan TBA

Are you tired yet? I am :P

Looking forward to a possible visit this Saturday from a dear college friend, Justin, and his girlfriend, Casey, who was so helpful with all of her midwife expertise when I was first put on bedrest--hope it happens!

Last but not least, Juan might be riding his bike (the kind that runs without gas) in a tour around Boston this Friday!

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